Friday, 28 August 2009

Down, but not out

Well it's flown by once again.
I have a problem with my leg ??
It keeps swelling up and they are not sure why yet.
I've been to three hospitals in the last three weeks.
Ultrasound scans, A consultant having a pokey, then 50 miles up the road for a Biopsy .
It seems I have a couple of lumps at the top of my leg .
First it's a blood clot, then it's an enlarged lymph node that can be sorted with antibiotics.
Then my own doctor decides she is not happy and wants to know more, so it's up the road for the biopsy.
I'd feel fine if it wasn't for the hole in my leg, it still swells up but not like it used to.
Now waiting for results.
No Cycling, No Walking, lots of sitting with my leg up, and lots of plans are being made for the next adventure.