Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Interests?? Over time my interests change..
I've always wanted to build a Boat (I think a lot of People do??)
But epoxy resin and such things don't do good things for my health, so that idea is out of the window.
Next came the Qayaq, a Skin on frame way of building an Inuit watercraft, this I decided would be too limiting?? where would I use it? would it be stable enough to use on my own especially if I took it out to sea??
The answer I came up with was "No".
Then I started looking at Currachs, a traditional irish craft, Skin on frame built, fairly cheap, fairly easy, so now I spend a lot of time studying these craft.
Learning about these craft and their uses has become more of an obsession as I have always had an interest in History and Traditions.
Such as archery etc..