Tuesday, 17 April 2012

If only ??

If only the weather would make it's mind up ??

One day it's Summer, the next it's Winter.

I left the Blog for a while, as other things came up which put it on the backburner.

I have decided to sell a couple of Longbows and several other Bows, and replace them with just one.

I feel it would be better to sell some first, rather than have a collection which are not going to be used.

How can an Itinerant Archer stay on the road, if they are loaded down with baggage :0) ??

I have also very much decided to go it alone rather than try and please others.
But if People want to tag along they're welcome.

But I do find they tend to take me off my intended Path
But that is more my fault than anyone elses..

I tend to travel better alone any way, that way any disappointments are my own and it is up to me how I deal with them.

Archery with other people has been very much a disappointment.
But the good thing about that (if you can call it good)  is that several others are of the same opinion.