Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Strange Week

Well different anyway.
For the first times in ages I've watched a Film, well three actually.
The first one was 'The World's Fastest Indian' with Anthony Hopkins I really enjoyed it a really good story.
The next was 'Into the Wild' a story taken from a book about a true story after all I had read about it I found it rather disappointing, but then it was mostly fiction as no one really knows the true story.
Then I watched a Film on TV called 'Erin Brockovich' this I really enjoyed .
So two out of three can't be bad.
So that's what I've been up to sat with my feet up watching film's so that's how the other half live ??????

Thursday, 13 November 2008


Wel it looks like Winter is here , dark, wet and cold.
So it's time to plan new adventures.
What do I do once I have sold the canoe and get a Packraft ??
I will be able to go to a lot more out of the way places than I did with the canoe.
Flash Earth is a good place to find some interesting places to go and along with a map and the information from the Geograph website I can get a good idea of what to expect before I get there.
I'm now going through my gear to see if there is anything I need??
I have found out I have a lot of camping gear that I never use, and more than likely I never will so maybe it's time to sell all the stuff that just lies there gathering dust as all I really need is a favourite and a spare.
The more I sell the more money I will have for packrafting adventures.

Can't remember where I found the picture above, but it makes me smile, so thank you to whoever took it.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Has Winter arrived ??

Does anybody want to buy a Canoe ?? I'm selling it as I don't use it and I'm buying a Packraft instead which will be much more useful. as the Packraft can be carried on a Bicycle. and a Bicycle can be carried on a Packraft. so it's the best of both World's.

Has Winter arrived it's suddenly turned cold ??
No cycling this Weekend it was cold and windy plus the tides were wrong for a Beach ride,
If you don't go at low tide the sea pushes you too far up the beach and into the soft sand and it just ends up being a long walk.
What a difference compared to last week.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Fast Week

Well, that week went quickly it's Friday already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I received a couple of copies of "The Outcast" this is a magazine which is supposed to be for folk who ride Singlespeed bikes ?? ( as I ride a singlespeed bike I though it would be an interesting read)
But why do some folk who ride Singlespeed bikes have to try and make out that singlespeed bikes, are cyclings answer to Alcoholics Anonymous ??
Why do some people have to have a badge and a banner to wave as if they have something to prove ???
Singlespeed bikes were the only bikes when bicycles were invented, so why do some people like to make out that they reinvented the wheel by rediscovering the singlespeed bike ???
The good thing about the singlespeed bike is it's simple, one gear means less to go wrong, no fancy expensive parts to buy if you don't want to.
but if you have an inferiority complex you can always boost your ego by buying expensive parts just to impress your friends.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Beach Ride

It was a lot warmer this morning so I took a run up the coast, there were only a few places you could not ride because of either soft sand or rocks.
The new Singlespeed setup faired well, but it was strange only having one gear and for some reason it all seemed easier than when using gears, maybe it's because it's a lot less complicated as you don't have to wonder if you are in the right gear, as the right gear is the only gear.

Saw this strange rock with it's twisted shape there is a lot of interesting rock formations on this part of the beach.
So spent some time looking over them.
It was a good ride as the sun shone and it was rather like a Summers day, rather than a winter one.