Monday, 20 October 2008

Cold and wet

It's been a cold and wet day today.
I have now made a list of bike parts I need .
I have just got a 34 tooth chainring and maybe a bashguard and I seem to have more parts already than I thought I had .
It's parts like the disc brakes, frame, wheels and tyres which I will have to buy special.
I have just about got all the parts planned and sourced
It would be easier to put together a 26" wheel bike as I have more parts for those, but I prefer riding 29" (700c)
I have a 21 speed Dutch bike with 700c wheels (29") which rolls over the ground easily compared to my 26" wheel mountain bike, .
So the search goes on and decisions are being made even if they are being made slowly.

The picture above is of a Surly Pugsley, mine will look much the same but with narrower wheels as they would be overkill for the type of riding I do.
The Bags are from Epic Designs and are made by Eric Parsons checkout his Blog to see more details

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