Tuesday, 13 September 2011

OK have changed the name to one that is more fitting.

An Archer without a home, all the club's I was in have moved away, leaving me with no home..

One seemed to be a group of people that were not really interested in archery,and more in controlling People.
Which was fine as long as you didn't get too interested and only wanted to shoot inside, even though they called themselves Field Archers ??

Another club was a City Club, sixty miles South, (70 miles to the Archery Course) who moved 10 miles further away when they lost the Wood they were using.
Trying to get information is impossible it seems, even though they took your money you were still very much on the outside.

Another club has a Field course which seems to be run by one member, even though you are told "It's your Club".
That's fine until you try to change something, then it becomes a closed shop with a tight inner circle and it's made quite clear all is not as it seems.

another club seems rather strange as it seems to be also run by the same person who runs the two clubs above, another case of "It's your Club", then two of us decided we needed more Clout practice and was told the quite firmly that the club didn't do Clout.
It seems the Club meets 4 times a year, plus a practice day the week before the Clout Meeting they put on??
But they do not approve of you practicing any other time ?? very strange.

so the saga of the Itinerant Archer begins ""

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