Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Moving on to better things..

I now seem to have gone in a complete circle, after joining several Archery clubs, I found some are rather secretive and asking questions or getting too enthusiastic was met by silence.
Even down to the point of making Archery Clubs sound like running them was a Black Art, which only the chosen few should know about.

But it's easy to find out all about the Black Art side of Archery as there is lots of information on the Internet and a lot of People out there who are more than willing to help you, if you only look..

I now have my Archery interests down to two disciplines, Field and Clout Archery. Sadly the Field Archery Club I was moved 10 miles further down the road making it a 160 mile round trip, even when it was 10 miles closer it was worth the trip even if it did add up to 3 hours travelling.
But as the membership has gone up as well it makes the 3 or 4 times I plan on going this year rather expensive, but hopefully I'll  be able to get day membership for those times, as I really enjoyed the Place and the People.
But you have to draw a line somewhere.

But I still have a place to practice Field Archery, if I'm willing to clear the Course and set up my own Targets, so all is not  lost..
But I still have to travel..

Sadly I have now been told that the Club I did the Clout Archery with, no longer does it, but once again I seem to have found a way round that one too.
But I have to thank one person for all the help and encouragement I was given by her a nicer person I have yet to meet.. Thank you Barbara C.
Looking on the bright side that's one less lot of membership fees to pay, although I am a fully paid up member of the BLBS (British Longbow Society) so can still take part in clout archery put on by other Clubs.

So even in the dark depths of Winter, I can see this Year being a lot more positive than the last.
I could go on about the first Archery Club I joined which turned out to be a Nest of Vipers, but I've put that down to the reason why my Archery has had such a steep learning curve.
It seems good things come out of anything, if you look at it in the right way..

So it's onwards and upwards, but only about 180 yards..

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