Friday, 7 November 2008

Fast Week

Well, that week went quickly it's Friday already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I received a couple of copies of "The Outcast" this is a magazine which is supposed to be for folk who ride Singlespeed bikes ?? ( as I ride a singlespeed bike I though it would be an interesting read)
But why do some folk who ride Singlespeed bikes have to try and make out that singlespeed bikes, are cyclings answer to Alcoholics Anonymous ??
Why do some people have to have a badge and a banner to wave as if they have something to prove ???
Singlespeed bikes were the only bikes when bicycles were invented, so why do some people like to make out that they reinvented the wheel by rediscovering the singlespeed bike ???
The good thing about the singlespeed bike is it's simple, one gear means less to go wrong, no fancy expensive parts to buy if you don't want to.
but if you have an inferiority complex you can always boost your ego by buying expensive parts just to impress your friends.

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