Thursday, 13 November 2008


Wel it looks like Winter is here , dark, wet and cold.
So it's time to plan new adventures.
What do I do once I have sold the canoe and get a Packraft ??
I will be able to go to a lot more out of the way places than I did with the canoe.
Flash Earth is a good place to find some interesting places to go and along with a map and the information from the Geograph website I can get a good idea of what to expect before I get there.
I'm now going through my gear to see if there is anything I need??
I have found out I have a lot of camping gear that I never use, and more than likely I never will so maybe it's time to sell all the stuff that just lies there gathering dust as all I really need is a favourite and a spare.
The more I sell the more money I will have for packrafting adventures.

Can't remember where I found the picture above, but it makes me smile, so thank you to whoever took it.

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