Monday, 18 May 2009

What Packrafters ??

Packrafting in the UK??

To the best of my knowledge there are only a couple of Packrafts in the UK, but the people that have them don't use them much ??

So I may be the only active Packrafter in the UK??

Hopefully more will join and some will use them, but none seem to be on the horizon at the moment.

I bought a copy of Roman Dials Packrafting Book recently and there is not as much information as I thought there would be and I was rather disappointed as it seemed to revolve round his Packrafting courses, Alpacka rafts his sponsers and all his personal adventures .
He also makes up his own Whitewater ratings rather than use the ones People already know?? plus making up his own words for paddling situations and calling himself the Godfather of packrafting then admiting in the book that Packrafts were used in new Zealand before they got to Alaska.??
No diagrams of Paddlestrokes etc, just pictures of the author and his Friends ??
A very disappointing book considering what the reviews say about it

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