Thursday, 8 December 2011

Mud !!

The Snow has left but is set to return, and they say a Storm is on the way too.
So it looks like Winter has arrived !!

So it's throw another Log on the Fire time, and hope we don't have a Powercut, not that it really matters as the Camping stove and the Oil Lamp are on standby.

The rain is lashing at the windows as I type this, but hopefully it won't last to long as there's stuff that needs doing outside.

Roll on Christmas, but not being a Christmas Fan it's just another day, but why do I always get the feeling that the World has come to an end, with nothing moving as people celebrate Christmas or so they say !!
How many really People celebrate Christmas ?? or do they just use it for an excuse to get drunk and over eat.

Goodwill to all Men but only on Christmas Day ?? why does Goodwill have to be Seasonal, why not all the year round.

Has Christmas lost it's way ??

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