Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Reading Day

Winter seems to have arrived with a vengeance, or is it just me that's having problems adjusting to the cold weather ??

It's Snowing now, so who knows we could be snowed in Tomorrow ??

I've spent most of the day reading 'Bones on the Hills' by Conn Iggulden, it's a 4 part Trilogy ?? It was supposed to be a Trilogy!!  but he wrote another book in the series ??

It's about Genghis Khan of Mongol Fame, I've decided to finish this series off (This is Book 3) before going on to read others..


Jeff Gallup said...

Wow.. that is an amazing sculpture... where is it?

The itinerant archer said...

Here is what it says about it..

This stainless steel statue of Genghis Khan was built a few years ago. Since democracy took root in the 90s, Mongolia has built many statues of their hero.

The picture above was taken near Terelj. Genghis Khan sits atop the world's largest statue of a horse! If you're brave enough, an elevator can take you to the top of the horse's head!