Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Are Cyclists Individuals ??

Are Cyclists individuals or just followers of fashion ??
Most cyclists seem to want to buy the latest Bicycle along with the latest fashion in Clothing, are they really Cyclists or do they just want to fit in with the crowd rather than being an individual.
Is it fear of being left out and not fitting in with the group they follow.
But who is the Leader ?? the Media ?? the magazines that tell you what the latest fashion is?? the companies that fill the magazinies with Adverts to brainwash you into believing you must have something or people will look down on you.
But after all is said and done "You can only be Inferior, with your own consent".
I have to ask myself do I, stand out from the crowd?? then realised I don't go near many crowds to find out .
But I suppose all my Bicycles are rather Individual, from the Brompton folding bike, to the singlespeed Mountain Bike, plus the two Dutch touring bikes I ride among others.

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