Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tobar na Slainte, Shandwick

I walked to a Well today , but the well was dry.

Drinking the water is supposed to get rid of the "Evil Eye" maybe it was dry because Shandwick is Evil Eye Central, and the locals have drunk the well dry.
It was rather a spooky place, and you got the feeling that the ghosts of the Evil Eyes were watching you !!

But it was still very enjoyable, if rather a short walk.

I also passed the Shandwick Stone which is encased in a Glass  and looks rather like an Ancient Telephone Box.

 The name "Shandwick" is supposed to come from the Norse, Sand-Vik meaning Sand Bay.

But there were no Vikings about, so I can only presume they were out plundering and pillaging, or maybe they'd  just gone to Tesco's ??


BanditBird said...

Try standing at the Shandwick stone at 11.00pm when the double decker bus comes past, always empty, heading for the secret bus depot under Nigg Hill.

The itinerant archer said...

Try standing at the Bus Stop on the way to Tobar na Slainte, you will get even more of a surprise if a bus comes !! :-)