Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Too Cold

Well it's rather cold out, too cold for Archery or Cycling and it's not even Winter yet.
The plan is to get in more archery practice, but that's out until the wind dies down
I've been asked to go to two archery competitions, but as their not what I call social occasions, I'll give them a miss, there's nothing worse than travelling a long way to be greeted to a load of sour faces.
It's coming down to, if your not happy with what's already there, change it yourself.
It's no use complaining about something and not trying to change it, I've done it before and got awards for putting on events, so I know I can do it again.
The worst part is the burning of bridges and knowing there's no turning back, but if your not happy does it really matter.
I've been asked about doing reenactment with the Longbow, I've already done it with the British Longbow Society, which reenacts the practice of Victorian Archery.
It's not really my thing as I'm more like Robin Hood and not very good at acting like a Victorian Gentleman.

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