Sunday, 2 October 2011

Direction ??

I met up with the Big man pictured above today, he's friendly enough as long as you respect him.
We meet up several times a week, he's not worried about me, it seems to be more about the dog and looking after his ladies.
It was out with the old LL Bean maine hunting boots today, their well worn but you can't seem to get them in the UK, so I'm hoping I can find a friendly Cobbler who can do something with them and bring them back to life.
The soles are covered in Shoe Goo which keeps coming off, but hopefully they can be saved as they are the comfiest boots I have and the driest, as I spend a lot of my walking through bogs.

I've been looking at other peoples's blogs to find a direction for this one ??

The problem now is, I've looked at so many that are so good and so interesting I find myself looking at others rather than getting on with this one.

As you may notice I'm not good at colours ?? but I think I'm slowly getting the right idea.

The Bohemian Lifestyle looks interesting whatever it's supposed to be, but someone mentioned art so not being very artistic, that sort of leaves me out..

Rain and Feathers don't mix, so no Archery today again..

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