Tuesday, 25 October 2011

iPod Revolution

I've been watching a TV programme about Steve Jobs called "The iPod Revolution".
It was interesting to watch as it made me realise how some people think.

It's not a case of selling something to someone, but more a case of convincing someone they need something and can't live without it.

These days a lot of people seem to have a fear of not fitting in, wanting to fit in with a certain group of People.
So they must buy the latest Fashion, Gadget, or whatever to make the statement that they are part of the scene, whatever that scene may be.

They have a fear of being alone and spend most of their life waiting for the next fashion trend, be it an iPod, a Car, or Clothing, the must have thing that makes you stand out from the crowd until everyone has one and you go back to being part of it and begin looking for the next, Must have thing..

What happened to the Individual who thought for himself, did his own thing and never followed fashion..
That Dinosaur is alive and well and writing this Blog.

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