Monday, 7 November 2011


Direction ?? How do you find it ??
Do you see a Light at the end of a Tunnel and walk towards that light, or do you walk into the Darkness,  Face your fears and wait for the light to appear ?
What will be at the end of that tunnel when you walk into the light, will it be what you seek or just another false hope ??
If you walk into the darkness will new avenues appear, avenues you never knew existed,  maybe what you are looking for is waiting in that darkness, waiting for you to face your fears and find that life you are seeking.
Happiness is out there you only have to look....
But first you must face your Fears, whatever they may be....

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Bohemian said...

I try to BE the Light, then where ever you go you dispell the darkness around you and illumiate your surroundings. I Pray that your Direction becomes clear and your Path brings you Joy, Contentment and Purpose.

Loved the Image on today's Post!I've discovered my inner Photographer when I began to Blog... now I take pictures where ever I go and am more appreciative of the Beauty that surrounds me and the Photo Ops it provides for wonderful Blog Fodder to share!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian