Saturday, 26 November 2011

Winter could be, on it's way !!

It's cooler today, and there's supposed to be a Storm on the way.

The Sanuks are working well and keeping my feet warm, all I need now are some Outdoor Winter ones ?? Why don't they make them ??, What's wrong with wearing Snow Sandals ??

I'm in deep thought about what to get up to through the Winter, it's not the Cold, it's the Wind that's the problem.

Someone told me I should learn to play a Musical Instrument, but not being a musical person that could be out, but then I've never tried it ??

How about Painting?? looking at some of this so called Modern Art, I used to do better Paintings at School, even though whatever I painted, never looked anything like what it was supposed to be, So maybe I could do that and be good right from the start, all I need are some Paints.


Anonymous said...

How about making snow-shoes? You'd be good at them and they'll come handy up there.

Anonymous said...

You could try making snowshoes - you'd be good at them and they'd come in useful up there.

The itinerant archer said...

Yo BanditBird

I'm still looking for that blog your supposed to be starting !!