Tuesday, 15 November 2011

On the Road (JK)

I'm reading "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac, I find it a good book as it reminds me of some of my Adventures., which sometimes had their scary moments.
I once got a ride from a Depressed Hamster Breeder, (I jest not).
He had an old Ford Escort that had seen better days, we came to a line of traffic of about 4 or 5 Cars and he pulled out to overtake and a  Car was coming the other way.
He let his foot off the accelerator for a couple of seconds and said "Will we make it ?? ".
The next thing he floored the Accelerator and accelerated down the line of traffic the engine screaming as we reached 90 mph the Car lurched about on it's suspension which had seen better days, you could smell the Engine getting rather warm as it objected to it's treatment and the smell of Hot Oil filled the Car.
I had visions of sailing off the road into the Scenery and ending up trapped it a ball of twisted Metal, or the Car exploding into a  Fireball.
When I was at School, I was told as I have Blonde hair and Blue eyes, I probably had Viking Blood, Vikings used to make a Funeral Pyre on a Long ship, set fire to it and send it out to Sea.
But this one was going to die in a 90mph Fireball on Wheels !!
We made it so I got to live for my next Adventure, which carried on with my next ride that day..
The Moral of the story is, Never take a ride with a Depressed Hamster Breeder.
How books bring back memories.

Just to clarify the story the Driver told me he used to breed Hamsters, and sometimes when you went to show's you would get there to find your favourite Hamster had died.
He then told me he suffered from depression another rather worrying moment, but when he told me he was a retired School Teacher, I was really worried.

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Jeff Gallup said...

Wow.. that is quite a story. I will take your advice :-)