Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New Sanuk's

Just received my pair of Sanuk Lumberjacks, which are a nice fit.
Thank's to Sanuk for answering my questions.
Why do I always seem to end up between sizes no matter what I buy!!
First comments "their not Shoes, their Slippers" well they feel like Slippers, but they are neither Shoes nor Slippers, their Sandals.
The chill lining makes them really warm, a lot warmer than I thought they would be.
Their not waterproof, but I have boots for that.
 A good addition to the Fivefinger Shoes I also wear.
For my next Sanuk buy, will it be Donny's, Vagabond's  or Kerouac's, at the moment my thought's are thinking Kerouac's for some reason ??

I'm as happy with my Sanuk's, as the Puppy in the Picture.

Footnote :
Looking in the package the Sanuk's came in, there's a Voucher for 15% off my next purchase from the place I bought them .
So it looks like a pair of Kerouac's could be on order.


Jeff Gallup said...

very cool.. I have not seen those before... how flexible are the soles?

The itinerant archer said...

A lot more flexible than Shoes and they do make you feel like you are wearing Sandals.
Yes, I you get strange looks, but no more than I get when I wear the Fivefingers.
I think it's the fact that Lumberjacks look like Slippers, that makes people look twice.
I don't think you would be disappointed.